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The #1 i4.0 Accelerator in North America

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What we do....

Through the industry 4.0 Accelerator, we accelerate Michigan manufacturers adoption of i4.0 technologies, increasing Global competitiveness

What we focus on...

Define i4.0 Problem Statements

Our team has ongoing conversations with our manufacturing partners to understand their i4.0 challenges. 

Match Problem Solution Fits

Our deep bench of manufacturing experts vet the i4.0 technology and find solutions for our manufacturers.

Recruit i4.0 Tech Solutions

Our global recruiting pipeline attracts the best and brightest early and later stage i4.0 tech companies.

Map the Michigan i4.0 Ecosystem

We've assembled a high density and highly collaborative ecosystem of investors, EDO's and i4.0 experts.

Who we work with...


"As a technology startup, the accelerator has given us unmatched levels of exposure to customers, investors and experts to help us furrther commercialize our business." 

Rene Pons

CEO, PPAP Manager

Tech Client

"As a corporate partner,  the accelerator's deep bench of experts identifies problems we're trying to solve - and then their team brings us the best tech from across the globe."
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Mike Cukier

Digital Transformation, Whirlpool

Corporate Partner

"As a small manufacturer, the accelerator has helped us leverage the MEDC implementation grant program to bring game changing i4.0 tech into our business. "
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Mike Morse

President, Melling

Small / Medium Manufacturer



Our Investors

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Accelerator FAQ's

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