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I40 Accelerator - MODEX 2024 Recap

According to event organizer HMI, MODEX 2024 saw a record-shattering number of registered manufacturing and supply chain professionals, reaching a total of 48,733. The event, held March 11-14 in Atlanta, saw attendees engaged with 1,200 exhibitors showcasing the latest supply chain technology and innovation across three halls and 580,000 net square feet at the Georgia World Congress Center. This was the largest MODEX event to date for MHI, with 32% more registered visitors than MODEX 2022

Technology Trends

Each year, MODEX showcases the latest advancements in technology for supply chain management. This includes robotics, automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. These technologies are aimed at improving efficiency, accuracy, and scalability in warehouse and logistics operations.

Robotics continues to be a focal point, with exhibits featuring autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), robotic arms for picking and packing, automated guided vehicles (AGVs), and warehouse automation systems. These technologies help streamline tasks such as inventory management, order fulfillment, and material handling

Material Handling - Intralogistics

For the i40 Accelerator, trade shows like MODEX are critical to our mission of identifying, vetting and curratting the latest Industry 4.0 technologies that solve problems for our Manufacturing Corporate Partners. While MODEX caters to a broad supply chain audience, manufacturers are increasingly looking for smart,  intra-plant material handling solutions to address problems such as labor shortages, work cell replenishment, and material track & trace.

We are fortunate to have many of our Corporate Partners (Ford, Forvia, Industrial Control, etc.) attend, and many of our Tech Companies (, Micropsi, Apera, etc.) exhibit at shows like MODEX.  This allows us to triangulate feedback from both the “buy side” and the “sell side” in terms of identifying top Areas of Interest including the following solutions that were on exhibit at MODEX:

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