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The industry 4.0 Accelerator boasts a portfolio of leading technology startups from across the globe.

Why do tech companies and startups apply for the industry 4.0 Accelerator?

The industry 4.0 Accelerator has curated the best and brightest early and later stage technology companies. We've met with hundreds of companies from over 20 companies across the globe - only the best companies with the most compelling technologies and value prop get into the accelerator. 

At that point - the accelerator's team of experts provides highly valuable services to these companies, helping them validate, commercialize and scale their business. 

There is no costs to join the accelerator and the active support period for participating startups and later stage technology companies is 6 months, with a check-in call after 90 days.

You can learn more about what we do and if you should apply: 

Support Service Include:

Introductions to Manufacturing and Strategic partners


Opportunities at events to either exhibit, pitch, and/or deliver a tech talk.


Representation at regional events by the i4.0 Accelerator team.


Opportunities to participate in technology implementation grants.


Fundraising strategy support and access to investors and capital sources.


Promotion of company by through website, newsletter, social channels, and other opportunities


Shared Workspace at Lean Rocket Lab or Centrepolis Accelerator


Access to Lean Rocket Lab & Centrepolis Accelerator Events

Apply for the i4.0 Accelerator GPT-4 Competition

GPT 4 Competition

$10,000 Value

Startups utilizing GPT-4 in a solution related to i4.0 and the manufacturing sector are encouraged to apply for this competition. Four teams will be selected to pitch infront of our team of experts. The winning team will be invited to participate in the Advanced Manufacturing Expo as an exhibitor and participate in a live stage pitch competition.


Applications due by June 30. 


Technology start ups with compelling, unique and scalable industry 4.0 solutions are encouraged to apply for the accelerator. 

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