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Technology Client Spotlight: Detect-It

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

One of the companies we're very excited to support is Detect-It.AI from

Oak Park, Michigan. Kevin Kerwin, the CEO, has used a career worth of experience to develop a product for everyone to be able to leverage the benefits of machine learning. The Detect-It software allows neural-networks to be built and deployed by using basic video feed, training the targets, and when found, do something about it. Uses across the Quality Control spectrum have quickly brought attention from large manufacturers seeking an affordable, robust and easy to deploy solution. The Accelerator is key to building relationships and fast-tracking opportunities by helping engage with decision makers. Now that Detect-it has momentum, I'm specifically working with them on building a network of partners to help bring these solutions to the field faster. It's encouraging to work with an energized team that realizes their work is making a difference for customers.

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