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Strategic Partner Spotlight: Aditya Raghupathy with Schematic Ventures

Updated: Mar 6

Schematic Ventures is a strategic partner with the Industry 4.0 Accelerator. Schematic is focused on supply chain, manufacturing, & robotics. The two organizations collaborate to help early-stage tech ventures get traction with introductions to manufacturers in Michigan. The fund is based in San Francisco and was founded in 2017 by investors with backgrounds in supply chain, manufacturing, and industrial technology. Schematic has portfolio companies touching every aspect of the industrial world from freight, electric vehicles, delivery, warehousing, manufacturing, and international shipping. Aditya Raghupathy is a venture capital investor at Schematic having previous experience in the manufacturing tech ecosystem. Prior to Schematic Ventures, Aditya was a Senior Consultant at Deloitte where he helped develop and grow their Smart Factory practice and then led the scouting and evaluation of Industry 4.0 startups for F500 corporates.

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