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EIR Spotlight: Joe LaRussa, PE

Joe LaRussa, PEOperations & Policy Consultant, Strategic Planner, SpeakerFarmington, Michigan, United States

Joe LaRussa is a dynamic and results-driven operations and policy consultant with a remarkable track record in optimizing manufacturing strategies and launching new products. With extensive experience in manufacturing engineering, public policy, and strategic planning, Joe has consistently demonstrated his ability to drive operational efficiency and foster collaboration among stakeholders.

In addition to being the newest Expert in Residence with the Industry 4.0 Accelerator, Joe is the owner of Supremo Consulting & Advisory Services, where he leverages his diverse background to offer consulting, public speaking, and strategic planning services. His recent accomplishments include leading a broadband feasibility study for Oakland County and speaking at prominent industry events and local organizations.

In addition to his consulting role, Joe serves as a City Council Member and Mayor of Farmington, Michigan. His tenure in local government highlights his commitment to public service and effective governance, overseeing a city with a significant annual operating budget.

Previously, Joe held key leadership positions in several top-tier companies. As a Plant Manager at Android Industries, he managed a large-scale production facility, achieving top performance in cost control. At Brose Group, he directed the North American manufacturing and industrial engineering team, driving significant cost reductions and efficiency improvements. His earlier roles at Varroc Lighting Systems, Tenneco, SME, Chrysler, and Visteon Corporation further underscore his extensive expertise in manufacturing and engineering.

Joe holds multiple degrees from the University of Michigan-Dearborn, including an MSE in Automotive Systems Engineering, an MS in Engineering Management, and a BSE in Electrical Engineering. He is also a registered Professional Engineer.

Joe’s leadership and technical skills, combined with his strategic vision and dedication to community service, make him a standout figure in the industry. His contributions to manufacturing engineering and public policy continue to impact the industry positively.

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