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A Curated Look at What is Possible in i4.0 With Ford Motor Company

In a bid to revolutionize its manufacturing processes and stay at the forefront of innovation, Ford Motor Company recently partnered with the Industry 4.0 Accelerator to host the highly anticipated Ford Demo Days. This two-day event, held at the Ford Experience Center in Dearborn, Michigan, showcased state-of-the-art Industry 4.0 technologies from 20 innovative companies across six technology categories. The event brought together over 40 leaders from Ford and the tech companies, sparking valuable conversations and paving the way for promising business opportunities. Let's dive into the highlights of this dynamic event.

Day 1: AR/VR/XR Training, 3D Scanning, Advanced Robotics, and More

The first day of Ford Demo Days was packed with excitement, featuring nine forward-thinking companies that focused on AR/VR/XR training and remote collaboration, 3D scanning and simulation, and advanced robotics/material handling. These companies presented groundbreaking solutions designed to enhance training methods, improve manufacturing simulations, and optimize material handling processes. Some notable presenters included Interactive Training Systems, Squint, Elm Park Labs, Design Systems Inc., PreVu3D,, InXpect, Olis Robotics, and Apera.

The tech demos and presentations triggered many questions from the audience, as they witnessed firsthand how these innovative technologies could significantly impact many of Ford's manufacturing operations, leading to increased efficiency and precision.

Day 2: Automated Detection, Predictive Maintenance, and IoT Platforms

On the second day of Ford Demo Days, the spotlight was on automated detection/inspection, predictive maintenance/machine monitoring, and IoT platforms. The showcased companies demonstrated cutting-edge solutions designed to automate inspection processes, enable predictive maintenance strategies, and harness the power of IoT for seamless connectivity and data analysis.

Presenters such as Detect-It, Lincode, UnitX, SkillReal, Khenda, MachineMetrics, Augury, ThinkIQ, Losant, Litmus, and Tulip captivated the audience with their transformative offerings. These technologies hold the potential to optimize Ford's manufacturing operations, minimizing downtime, reducing maintenance costs, and maximizing overall productivity.

Creating Connections and Business Opportunities

Ford Demo Days served as a meeting ground for industry leaders, startups, and established solution providers to collaborate and create meaningful connections. The event facilitated valuable discussions between the technology companies and Ford's Advanced Manufacturing teams and plant managers, resulting in a host of business opportunities for both parties.

The i4.0 Accelerator played a pivotal role in curating the event, ensuring that the selected companies aligned with Ford's specific areas of interest. The success of Ford Demo Days was a testament to the collaborative efforts of the i4.0 Accelerator, Ford Motor Company, and the Ford Experience Center Staff, who made this showcase of cutting-edge i4.0 technologies possible.

Final Thoughts

Ford Demo Days, presented by the i4.0 Accelerator, marked a significant milestone in Ford Motor Company's journey towards embracing Industry 4.0. The event provided a glimpse into the future of manufacturing, with a diverse range of transformative technologies that have the potential to elevate Ford's operations to new heights. The connections forged and the insights gained during this event promise to drive innovation, efficiency, and sustainability within Ford's manufacturing processes. As we look forward to the future, Ford's commitment to adopting cutting-edge technology ensures it remains a leader in the ever-evolving automotive industry.

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