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May 9, INTEGR8 powered by Automation Alley


The Fourth Industrial Revolution is redefining the way we work and live. Connected, intelligent and transformative, Industry 4.0 is empowering people and businesses across the globe. How will you harness its power? Automation Alley's Integr8 conference creates a space for collaboration, exploration and discovery as we tackle the social, economic and environmental challenges associated with Industry 4.0 and lay the foundations for the innovations of tomorrow. This day-long conference will focus on a software-first approach to advanced manufacturing that promotes agility, resiliency and efficiency. Join 1,000-plus technology and manufacturing professionals from across our region, nation, and globe for:

A Smart Technology Exhibition

3D Printer Pitch Competition

Keynote Presentations

Breakout Sessions


Tech Talks

Visit the event page for more info:

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