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Technology Portfolio

We've interviewed hundreds of technology companies from around the world and curated a portfolio of the best and brightest across the different i4.0 verticals in which we focus.


IIoT Platform

MaestroHub is a Single Source of Truth industrial data governance platform to overcome data architecture and integration challenges in digital transformation. MaestroHub points data sources to a smart data layer with drag & drop features and automatically creates contextualized data packages in real-time with Unified Namespace architecture. MaestroHub is the first self-diagnostic Unified Namespace solution with Dataops capabilities. MaestroHub connects data sources from sensors to the cloud with 35+ communication protocols, organizes the data in ISA-95 Hierarchy, and creates information models that can be consumed by any application. Onboard domain experts interactively to multiply the talent pool, and remove non-value-added activities on data engineers to complete 5X more projects with 3X ROI in digital transformation initiatives.


Automated Inspection/Detection/Metrology

We've developed an Industry 4.0 solution featuring an industrial IoT platform for real-time spray monitoring in diverse industrial settings, including hazardous locations. This platform enhances manufacturing efficiency by providing immediate feedback and facilitating data-driven decision-making. Our hardware, certified for Class I, Division 1, images and characterizes multi-phase systems in extreme environments, seamlessly integrating into any production line. Supported by custom data analytics software, our technology optimizes processes by generating real-time data, while the network-based sensor enables remote control and access. The incorporation of AI capabilities further enhances data analytics for spray optimization.

Teamforce AI

Enterprise Optimization

Organizations have many KPIs around operational efficiency, but they're often blind to what's happening on the floor with their people, usually their most significant investment. Trusted by leading enterprises, Teamforce AI provides employee intelligence as a service, *every day.* Teamforce provides decision makers data and insights on what's happening with their deskless workforce, and provides a voice to frontline workers to express anonymously and safely what’s on their minds. The result is higher daily engagement and data capture compared to other mechanisms, leading to reductions in employee turnover, drops in safety related incidents, and upticks in productivity.


Autonomous Robotics/Material Handling

Micropsi Industries is a software company that provides ready-to-use AI systems for controlling industrial robots. We enable automation where automation was previously not viable, making factories more productive, workspaces more ergonomic, and businesses more resilient.


Simulation/Digital Twin

Elevate your industrial operations with Worlds – the AI platform that seamlessly converges AI, IoT, and human expertise, providing real-time automation and unprecedented visibility into complex systems. Worlds redefines efficiency by leveraging your existing infrastructure to deploy AI-powered automation that understands the physical world, enabling unparalleled real-time automation and operational excellence.

Catalysis Additive Tooling

3D Printing

Catalysis is the leader in thermoforming tooling innovation. They are leading the charge to bring additive manufacturing to the thermoforming industry. Their 3D printed tooling is manufactured for a fraction of the time and cost of traditional metal tooling, with much more durability and quality when compared to redwood or wood tooling.


Automated Inspection/Detection/Metrology

Groundlight extends modern machine learning with revolutionary escalation technology, enabling computer vision without a pre-existing dataset for industrial inspection, factory monitoring, safety, and much more.



Patero cloaks Internet-facing network elements and makes data indecipherable with quantum-safe encryption. Patero’s solution delivers end-to-end protection for critical infrastructure, federal, and DoD networks. Patero’s product suite helps enterprises identify and remediate immediate network and future cryptographic vulnerabilities.


Interative Training Systems

MR-Based Training/Work Instructions/Remote Collaboration

Interactive Training Systems is leading the way with innovative and customizable products and services to meet and exceed your needs for training, work instructions, and digital manuals.


IIoT Platform

Manage and visualize your global operations, in real time. Leverage composable, app-based solutions to improve efficiency, scale your workforce, and build adaptable production systems — fast.


Simulation/Digital Twin

Prevu3D accelerates design, improving efficiency and collaboration with all stakeholders.


Machine Monitoring/Data Visualization

ThinkIQ’s Industry 4.0 Smart Manufacturing platform increases productivity, sustainability, and safety with actionable AI insights derived from internal and external raw data, including blind spots you thought you’d never see.

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