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We've interviewed hundreds of technology companies from around the world and curated a portfolio of the best and brightest across the different i4.0 verticals in which we focus.

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Patero cloaks Internet-facing network elements and makes data indecipherable with quantum-safe encryption. Patero’s solution delivers end-to-end protection for critical infrastructure, federal, and DoD networks. Patero’s product suite helps enterprises identify and remediate immediate network and future cryptographic vulnerabilities.

Interative Training Systems

MR-Based Training/Work Instructions/Remote Collaboration

Interactive Training Systems is leading the way with innovative and customizable products and services to meet and exceed your needs for training, work instructions, and digital manuals.


IoT Platform

Manage and visualize your global operations, in real time. Leverage composable, app-based solutions to improve efficiency, scale your workforce, and build adaptable production systems — fast.


Machine Monitoring/Data Visualization

We build end-to-end solutions, trained by the world’s largest data library and industry experts, to provide insights into your machines, processes, and operations so you can manufacture for the benefit of business, people, and the environment- without compromise.

Machine Metrics

Machine Monitoring/Data Visualization

Today's challenge: use data to make more parts, faster, and cheaper with fewer resources than ever before. But, the analytics tools of yesterday just aren’t cutting it. Enter--MachineMetrics. Capture and analyze real-time data from your production to deliver the actionable insights you need to drive the decisions that matter.


Simulation/Digital Twin

Prevu3D accelerates design, improving efficiency and collaboration with all stakeholders.


Machine Monitoring/Data Visualization

ThinkIQ’s Industry 4.0 Smart Manufacturing platform increases productivity, sustainability, and safety with actionable AI insights derived from internal and external raw data, including blind spots you thought you’d never see.


IoT Platform

Navigate a fragmented data landscape, siloed plants and outdated legacy systems with a software platform built for industrial data. Data collection and contextualization in minutes, real-time analytics, off the shelf templates to get going quick and integrations across the enterprise to make data actionable. Be more efficient, sustainable and competitive with Litmus.


Autonomous Robotics & Material Handling

Apera AI can give your robots human-like speed, sight and perception. It's now possible to make your bin picking, packaging and assembly workcells fast, reliable and precise.

Visual Components

Simulation/Digital Twin

Whether you’re looking for a tool to quickly design and present production solutions, or a platform to power your offline programming applications, we’ve got you covered. Check out our family of 3D manufacturing simulation products.


Autonomous Robotics & Material Handling

Inxpect Smart Sensors create a 3D virtual safety area to control access and prevent machinery from starting when humans are present.



With cyber-attacks on the rise and Ethernet networks growing in complexity, the ability to find and retain OT expertise is also a major challenge. The Veracity OT Network Controller, an OT-optimized SDN controller, enables consolidated management of the industrial control network and is designed to follow rule-based, zero-trust cybersecurity best practices. The outcome is a micro-segmented OT network that is proactive, resilient, and isolated.

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