technology readiness demo fund

Automation Alley's Industry 4.0 Accelerator partners Lean Rocket Lab and Centrepolis Accelerator are collaboratively managing technology readiness demonstration funds originated through grants from the Michigan Strategic Fund and Michigan Economic Development Corporation. The technology readiness demo fund is specifically designed to help catalyze technology demonstrations within Michigan's manufacturing community by sharing in the cost associated with testing early stage industry 4.0 technology. 

Early adoption can be a huge hurdle for Industry 4.0 technologies as they attempt to break into the various manufacturing sectors, it can be both cost prohibitive and technically challenging.

The technology readiness demo fund is part of a larger initiative, backed by the State of Michigan, to help Michigan's small and medium manufacturers embrace and adopt Industry 4.0 technologies and ideologies. Companies are encouraged to work with Automation Alley and MMTC who are in the process of completing 'Industry 4.0 Readiness' assessments. 

Subsequently, manufacturers can reach out to the accelerator team, to help identify opportunities to leverage cutting edge industry 4.0 technology from our portfolio. Our team will then work with each manufacturer and our partners to understand what a 'successful' implementation looks like. If and when there is an opportunity identified, manufacturers can apply for matching funds (up to $5,000) to support the initial installation and demo.