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Corporate ManufacturingPartners

The Michigan Manufacturing Ecosystem is home to a dense population of large scale manufacturers. The industry 4.0 Accelerator works in partnership over 30 of these firms, and is continuing to build relationships across the state.  

Partners to the i4.0 Accelerator are able to have close access to the interesting, disruptive, and new i4.0 technology solutions that are always on our radar. The partnerships also aids us in better vetting new solutions to determine who really is the best of the best.

If you would like to become a partner to the i4.0 Accelerator connect with us below.

Recurring Check-Ins With Our Team of EIRs to Discuss Areas of Interest


Tech Solution Scouting From EIR Team Based on Areas on Interest


First Introductions to Compelling I4.0 Technologies Making it Through Our Pipeline


Promotion through Website, Newsletter, & Socials

Our Corporate Manufacturing Partners

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